We invest in opportunity.

Our investments include

About Renroc Capital

As a boutique investment house we maximise value for our clients, our partners and our shareholders. 

We buy businesses that have the potential to be great. We deliver creative commercial solutions to complex issues.

How we operate

As a boutique investment house we typically invest in companies with significant market opportunity. We believe that timing and strategy are key to capitalising on opportunity. Our core expertise come with problem solving, turnaround and conducting buy and build acquisition strategies in core industries.

What we're looking for

We acquire companies that fall within the small and mid-sized bracket. We're industry agnostic and generally will look to consider most opportunities where we feel we can add value.

Sometimes the SMEs we buy have significant financial issues and require 'turnaround'. This usually comes via a combination of capital investment and strategic improvement.

Other times, we buy companies that are financially healthy but whose owners have decided it is the right time for them to 'exit'.

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